Aquatic Now

Who, why and how?

Aquatic Now (Seneye Ltd Distribution team Trading As Aquatic Now) is the product of a group of aquatic companies striving to improve the lives of all aquatic animals. Supplying aquatic stores and commercial clients with everything they need for first-class aquatic care, Aquatic Now uses the highest quality products to maximise efficiency when it comes to looking after livestock.

Abyzz has produced the largest flow pump shifting up to 220,000 litres per hour at 400 watts.
Fritz Industries emerged as a research leader in the development of products based on applied chemistry resulting in superior water quality products.
Easyreefs are the world leaders in the production of marine microalgae and Senye's monitoring systems provide thousands of aquarists with 24/7 monitoring and protection anywhere around the world.

Schuran builds customised aquariums in all shapes and sizes. They work closely with engineers, marine biologists and zoo keepers to ensure they provide the best quality products.

A group of companies with the same agenda has led to one conclusion, a website providing high-quality products for anyone wanting to improve aquatic welfare.

Now for the serious stuff

This website is strictly B2B.

End consumers can view products and recommended retail prices but businesses must make an account and be activated by our team to see store buy prices and order. If not contracted already you will need to sign our distribution agreement before stocking. In order for us to continue to protect stores, anyone found sharing buy prices with non-stores will be banned from the website. Once you have ordered from the site you will be sent an invoice by our accounts team. Please help us help you and promote collaboration rather than competition.