Abyzz AFC400

Abyzz Flow Cannon is a professional one of a kind pump that can push up to 220,000 litres per hour while only using 400 watts of power.

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  • Upto 220,000 l/hr flow rate @ 400w!
  • Variable Speed Commercial Flow Pump
  • Programmable Flow Control System
  • Comprehensive Safety Functions
  • 10 Year Warranty - Made in Germany!

  • Rated input: 4-400W
  • Operating Voltage:200…240V~ or90…120V
  • Ambient temperature:+2°C...+40°C
  • Maximum immersion depth:8 m
  • Minimum immersion depth:.6 m
  • Pump cable length:10 m

The innovative Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC400 with its high-end design including a titanium rotor unit, titanium mounting frame and carbon fibre parts next to durable plastics consists of the pump itself and a powerful and programmable driver. Containing a very energy efficient motor and providing the exact adjustment for your application, it offers a very energy-saving solution. The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation. All metal parts are made out of titanium grade 2 and other parts are made out of high-quality PA, PVC and carbon fibre. This composition ensures a long lifetime, thus granting the highest sustainability and lowest carbon footprint. Several mounting options are offered to suit any needs and due to many available mounting points, even a customer-specific mounting can be done very easily. The special three-bladed prop and well designed hydraulic lets the pump operate with almost no noise or vibration. An additional coat flow ring provides low output speed and a softened laminar flow. Easy programming (as in any Abyzz pump) and the possibility to link to external controllers offers a wide field of application. The materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. This product is developed and manufactured in Germany by venotec.