• Ultra pure

  • High Concentration

  • Dissipates quickly

  • Extremely bio-available

  • For Reef Keeping Purists

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Based on an organic complex of Magnesium, it delivers a much higher bio-availability than an ionic formula, thus improving its assimilation by the corals, providing a rich source of metabolic energy to help maintain corals in peak condition. Prima Combi-mg may be used alone or in combination with Prima Alkali to maintain magnesium at the proper level, as it is not intended to increase the magnesium level. If magnesium becomes seriously depleted one should either perform a water change or use an ionic magnesium supplement, such as ELOS Expert Magnesium, to restore to the natural level as found in NSW.

Part of our Prima Line of Integrators, Prima Combi-mg is designed to be simple to use, but, also very precise to dose. Use EXTRA Mg to restore levels of Magnesium.

Dosage: Add 10 ml per 100 ltrs (26.4 US gal) twice a week to increase Magnesium level by 5 mg/lt (in RO water).