Fritz Rift Lake Probiotic Cichlid Salts - 1.25lb (544g)

Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Salt

  • Simulates African Rift Lake Chemistry

  • Added ProBiotics promoteWater Quality & Health

  • Multi Lake Formula

  • Creates ideal Conditions for Successful Breeding

  • Improve fish vibrance

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Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Probiotic Salt is a special blend of salts formulated to replicate the natural chemistry/habitat of the African Rift Lakes.

Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Probiotic Salt contains the necessary trace elements to duplicate African Cichlid's natural habitat.

Added probiotics increase and diversify the population of beneficial bacteria benefiting health and helping to reduce nitrates and phosphates naturally.

Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Probiotic Salt will help your cichlids thrive and reproduce while promoting health, growth and intensified color.

For best results use with Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer to adjust pH and carbonate hardness.