NEW - PARwise

  • PARwise is the ultimate light meter!

  • Measuring PAR, K, LUX, SPECTRUM, DLI and more

  • Set your lights up correctly and maximise growth, health and colour


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PARwise is our latest tool which ends the questions of what setting should my lights be on, whetherthat be brightness, colour (spectrum) or photoperiod. PARwise empowers you to make the right decisions over your lighting settings and to share and discuss lighting in great depth with the reefing community, with accuracy–whether your organism is aquatic or not! 

Perfect growth rates need three things: The correct wavelengths, the correct intensity of light andboth of these for the correct amount of time.

Light changes with depth and clarity so too does therequirements of plants and animals.Unfortunately, the human eye is not particularly good at understanding light levels and colours!

PARwise provides you with a simple to use light meter which will give you a deep understanding of your lighting and how to tune it to perfection.

Works on Android mobile devices with USB OTG, PC, MAC but sadly not iPhone or iPad yet! - Google Chrome browswer required (free). 

Phone not included! - More info at

PAR Range 0-6000 µMol/m2/s
Kelvin 1000-10,000 Kelvin
LUX 2-300000
Spectrum 380-800nm
Optical Measurement Type Point light source
Accepted light sources Natural, LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Gas Vapour, HID
Measurement repeatability < 0.5%
Calibration Uncertainty +- 5%
Directional cosine corrector Replaceable
Temperature response Auto compensating
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Dimensions 85x40x20mm
Device Weight 130g
Outer Package Dimensions 24.5x 15.5x5.5 cm
Packaged Weight 215g
Factory re-calibratable