Schuran's Magnoclean makes cleaning acrylic of thicknesses up to 25 mm easy!

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Cleaning your aquarium by hand comes with issues, especially with aquariums whose height exceeds 70cm!

The Schuran Magnoclean makes life a lot easier as it consists of two parts like conventional windscreen cleaning magnets. On the inner part, exchangeable PE blades are attached, upon which the entire magnetic force weighs. The outer part of the device is equipped with a handle that facilitates guiding the magnet made easier by wheels equipped with EPDM rubber rings.

The magnets contained in both parts of the Magnoclean are high-quality permanent magnets made of neodymium.

The Magnoclean Schuran has been designed for use in rectangular aquariums as well as awnings with curved discs. The standard model is dimensioned for planes with a thickness of up to 25 mm. With this magnetic cleaner, even high aquarium columns made of acrylic can now be elegantly cleaned.